The City of Victoria has a way for you to keep up with your water usage

VICTORIA, Texas- The City of Victoria is currently doing its winter average monitoring until March 2020.

Michelle Ozuna, the Utility Billing Office Manager for the City of Victoria said, “Our sewer winter averaging is when we monitor water usage that’s used during the winter months and whatever you use during those winter months is what we set your new sewer rate at. That’s going to be in effect from April all the way until the next year.”

The sewer bill is determined by the water that’s going through the house drains and toilets. In December the City of Victoria created a new way for the community to keep up with their water usage.

“We have our customer portal that’s been open since December and what it allows our customers to do is to go into our system and monitor their water usage. They can set alarms, email notifications, that way if there’s water running they can get a notification to let them know how much it is,” said Ozuna.

During the Victoria City Council meeting Justin Hamilton, the representative for Aqua Metric, a software company demonstrated how to receive water alerts.

If I go in and enter my send email text when water meter report, you can edit who gets which alerts. So rather it’s a text message if I put my phone number in or an email. You as the owner of this account have access and can decide that,” said Donald Reese, the Director of Public Works for The City of Victoria.

If you live in apartments the system works a little differently.

The only thing with apartments that is if it’s just one meter your only able to see the water usage that runs through the meter. It does not separate each individual unit that’s using the water,” said Ozuna.