The Cares Act Funds were approved in the Victoria City Council Meeting

The City of Victoria is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulation to adopt a 5-year plan to establish programs for the cares act funding.

“HUD had provided guidance that all of the cares act funding should be programmed into our 2019 plan. Which then corresponds with our 2015- 2019 comp plan. So even though we have adopted a new comp plan that is actually for our regular entitlement fund moving forward in all the cares act funds,” said Julie Fulgham the Director of Development Services.

The amendment will allow the city to allocate more than 470 thousand dollars towards programs and projects affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These funds are an application-based process so we did a call for applications. A call for public facility partners and advertised that in October. In a pre-application workshop, that mandatory on October 26th, and the applications were accepted,” said Fulgham.

During the city council meeting, Julie Fulgham explained how some of the money would be allocated.

“In the Development Service Department, we are upping our rental in the Mortgage Assistance Program by $144,392. We’ve seen overwhelming success on that project and there’s a huge need. Meals on Wheels for the actual Meal Delivery Service with the Senior Center they are requesting 84K in funds,” Fulgham.

The City Council approved the Cares Act Funding to help the community during the pandemic.