The Calhoun football team begin practice with pads and full contact

Head coach Richard Whitaker says it has been a tough week for the team
CALHOUN,Texas–Head coach Richard Whitaker says it has been a tough week for the team, because of the pandemic their attendance numbers have been low, making the ones there take in more reps.  Whitaker hopes that makes them become one step ahead down the season.
You know hopefully it’s going to put them in better shape but it’s been a hard week for our kids but it was a productive first week and now we’re looking forward to the second week and improve things we need to improve on,” said Whitaker. 
Whitaker is looking to dedicate this week to work on technique and footwork. The Sandcrabs lost all of their starting offensive linemen and all starting linebackers. Whitaker says they have a challenging schedule ahead of them.
It’s a tough preseason schedule and our district is one of the best in the state. So it’s a tough schedule from top to bottom and hopefully we get to stay healthy and play through it,” said Whitaker.
Last season they had a record have 9-3. The Calhoun Sandcrabs will have their first game of this season on August 28 at home against the Navarro Panthers.