The boys state powerlifting championship results

Local boys return from powerlifting state championships

Abilene, TX- The boys powerlifting state championship took place in Abilene. Here is a look at how some of the area boys did:

For the Victoria East boys, Ryan Cain placed sixth. He squatted 730, benched 340, deadlifted 585, and had a total of 1655.
Ceyth Grevey placed seventh. He squatted 450, benched 235, deadlifted 450, and had a total of 1135.
Randal Delgado placed 19th and Daniel Martinez placed 21st.

Victoria West’s Seth Neibrandt placed seventh. He squatted 600, benched 390 and deadlifted 600.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Erik Orta placed tenth. He squatted 355, benched 205 and deadlifted 350.

For Cuero, Cody Baker finished seventh. He squatted 575  (personal record), benched 340, deadlifted 485 and had a total of 1400 (PR).
Javaree Bacon finished in tenth place. He squatted 620 (personal record), benched 305, deadlifted 540 (PR), with a total of 1465.                                                                                                                                                  Kyle Weghorst finished twelfth. He squatted 700 (personal record), benched 375, deadlifted 510 and had a total of 1585.

For St. Joeseph, Jason Duran finished 14th . He squatted 405, benched 235, deadlifted 465 and had a total of 1105.