The Bloomington Light Project is in full swing

We first reported about the Bloomington light project back in July. One month later, things are starting to pick up. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to Commissioner Danny Garcia and tells us an update.

The day many residents in bloomington have been waiting for. AEP have started the installation process of the Bloomington lights.

“After the Kevin Garza accident, the community got together and they decided they wanted something done,” tells Danny Garcia, Precinct 1 Commissioner.
So now, as you drive down State Highway 185 into Bloomington, you will start to see street lights being put up on the poles. “We have some of the lights going now. We hope to have the project completed pretty quick,” adds Garcia. Although some of the lights have been up, Commissioner Danny Garcia says the project hit a bump in the road.
“The project was slowed down a little bit because once the contractors started working on them, what they realized is that some of the poles were rotten. So they are having to replace some of those poles, so it slowed them down a little bit but not much,” explains Garcia. Once the contractors get back to work, there should be a light at every intersection.
“There is a total of 14 lights that i think that will come up, we are hoping to have them at every intersection if we can put them up,” tells Garcia. For longtime resident Lucy Morales seeing this project move forward is very exciting. “We need this lights and its really going to help the community .and just excited about these lights and excited that it’s an improvement for our little town,” declares Lucy Morales, Bloomington Resident. Garcia hopes the lights will prevent a tragedy like Kevin Garza’s hit and run, from happening again.
“Seeing that maybe with what you are doing and the community coming together, maybe something like this is not going to happen again,” declares Garcia. Commissioner Garcia adds there is no official completion date but hopes the project will be finished in the coming weeks.