The blood stains from the crime scene don’t match the defendant’s story

We reported that back in 2017 Amber Sorensen shot and killed her boyfriend Jarrett Parker and claimed self-defense.

Through the doors of the courthouse, two families are trying to get an understanding of what happened the night Jarrett Parker was killed.

On the stand Thursday was Texas Ranger Drew Pilkington, who was questioned for more than four hours by the State. Ranger Pilkington stated that he is trained to analyze bloodstains and the information he gathered shows that Parker was shot at a 90° degree angle.

Ranger Pilkington said he believes that when Parker was killed he was on the right side of the bed doing sit-ups and the gun was placed under the left side of the bed. Sorenson loaded it and while he was doing his set up she crawled to the middle of the bed because it was so high and shot him.

The defense attorney Stephen Cigal called Fredrick to the stand. Frederick is Sorenson’s first cousin, and he testified that on two occasions he saw bruises on Sorenson’s arms and when he asked her about it she said it was from working out.

The defense attorney was cross-examining Ranger Pilkington about the evidence he found the night of the murder.

Inside the courtroom, the prosecuting attorney Stephen Tyler brought the mattress with the bloodstains on it inside the courtroom.

During this time the State asked Texas ranger Drew Pilkington to analyze what he found. Pilkington pointed out the blood-stained handprints that were on the mattress saying they belonged to Sorenson.

Pilkington also stated that Sorenson told him that she and Parker had a violent tussle for the gun but Ranger Pilkington said if that was the case nothing would have been on the bed and the things on the nightstand directly on side of the bed would have been knocked over. Pilkington went on to mention that based on his previous domestic violence cases this scene didn’t match Sorenson’s story.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Friday morning at 9 a.m.