‘The benefits districtwide from moving to Chromebooks will be endless’

Victoria ISD to implement one-to-one technology districtwide

VICTORIA, Texas – Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, Victoria ISD will implement one-to-one technology districtwide. The district will begin rolling this technology over the next three school years with:

  • grades three through five receiving Chromebooks in the 2022-23 school year,
  • grades six through eight receiving Chromebooks in the 2023-24 school year
  • and grades nine through 12 receiving Chrome books in the 2024-24 school year.

As of November 2021, VISD has ran a one-to-one technology program at Dudley Elementary School, Patti Welder Middle School and a personalized learning choice school. This semester, one-to-one pilots began at Torres Elementary for fifth graders and Shields Elementary for third graders. Now, one-to-one technology will begin districtwide. Every students across Victoria ISD will received a Google Chromebook.

A goal of the one-to-one is that every student in grades three through 12 will never use a Chromebook device that is over five-years-old. Once the project is in full effect, the district also plans to assign each VISD student with the same Chromebook for grades three through seven, and again in grades eight through 12.

Victoria ISD will utilize both the typical one-to-one program approach, as well as an on-site one-to-one approach. A typical one-to-one technology program involves an individual school or a school district provides each student with a school or district-owned mobile computing device, including a tablet, laptop or Chrombook. The student then keeps this device with them, using it both at home and in school. At times, individual teachers and/or schools may not have students take the device home depending on the curriculum and assignments. However, the district aims to operate as typical one-to-one programs.

Greg Dandio, director of Technology, released the following statement

“The benefits districtwide from moving to Chromebooks will be endless,” said Greg Dandio, director of Technology. “Looking at this from a digital learning perspective, students and teachers will be able to work together more efficiently. Having Chromebooks implemented districtwide will enable equitable access to technology and level the learning playing field for all VISD students.”

Teachers and students will also see an expanded opportunity to use a massive library of applications and other resources with Google Workspace. They will also have access to web-based systems currently in place, such as Schoology.

A combination of federal, state and local funding will support all funding for Victoria ISD’s one-to-one programs. VISD is one of many school districts across the country to receive funding from the Emergency Connectivity Fund. The Federal Communication Commission will provide approximately 3,000 Chromebooks and 4,000 hotspots.