The American Red Cross needs volunteers

VICTORIA, Texas – With an above average hurricane season projected for 2020, combined with a global pandemic, the American Red Cross is in need of volunteers for this hurricane season. Around 300 from the coastal bend to be exact. If the deployment of volunteers was holding you back before, they have a unique opportunity this season. Volunteers can choose between the chance of deployment to regions in need in our area or to help virtually.

“The interesting thing is in times past individuals would get deployed, but that’s not the case this time as they can work virtually and be able to adhere to the mission of alleviating human suffering in a disaster. You can do that from home or be deployed,” Alex Garcia, Executive Director of the Coastal Bend chapter says.

Virtual volunteers are a unique asset to the Red Cross during this hurricane season.

“We’ll do the case management over the phone, do that virtually, then figure out a way to get them the financial assistance they need. Whether its by mail, because we may send them a debit card, or if someone is onsite, we may take their information at a distance, and then at the same time know what we can allocate them for assistance, and maybe leave the card on a vehicle and walk away,” Garcia says.

Safety is the number one priority of their volunteers, and with many choosing to be virtual, they’re taking extra precautions to protect those who are deployed.

“When you become a volunteer, your safety is the number one concern. We never put anyone in harms way, we provide you with necessary PPE, and we never deploy and put our volunteers at risk,” Garcia says.

To become a volunteer, visit and click on volunteer.