The 4th of July traveling can be dangerous TxDot provides a few safe driving tips

VICTORIA, Texas– The Fourth of July weekend is a huge time for traveling. TxDOT would like to give the community a few driving safety tips while you are planning your trip.

The Fourth of July is one of the major summer holidays and according to AAA more than 700 million people drive to their destination. TxDOT would like to give some tips on how to stay safe during your road trip.

“So we are asking that people be extra cautious driving through road construction maintenance work zones, keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. Drive with your lights on so that you can be more visible to traffic,” said Lucean Kuykendall, TxDOT Public Information Officer, for Yoakum District.

During the holidays, the number of accidents seems to increase due to drinking and driving.

“I think people need to remember to plan ahead. Plan before you drink, plan before you get on the road. If you are able to give someone else the keys and designated driver do that before drinking,” said Kuykendall.

Traffic statistics show that on the Fourth of July there’s a 40% increase in fatalities due to alcohol-impaired drivers.

“Never drink alcohol or take medication before driving. I want you to get plenty of rest and for long trips, it’s even a good idea to travel with a companion, who can help you stay alert and share the driving,” Kuykendall.

Be safe and drive smart and if you can avoid driving between midnight and 6 a.m.