Texas Zoo to reopen on May 29th

With the Texas Zoo reopening on Friday extra steps are being taken to ensure the safety of their animals and visitors.

The coronavirus is transferable to animals; some species are more susceptible than others like the big cats, otters and ocelots.

Texas zoo executive director Liz Jensen says they are adding extra barriers to keep people 6 feet away from the animals.

“I am slightly cautious just because I don’t want any problems in terms of health for anybody including our animals,” said Jensen.

They will be having a separate entrance from the exit, and per the governors orders will maintain 25 percent capacity.

“I will say I think the animals are going to be very happy because when we walk through the zoo you can tell they miss people. They come right over like ‘what’s going on? Where are you guys!’ So I’m very excited to see how the animals respond and things of that nature,” continued Jensen.

In terms of keeping the zoo afloat it’s important to be open to have revenue stream coming in. The facility will not be offering their animal interactive programs at this time.