Texas Zoo rebuilding after devastating Hurricane Harvey

“It’s inspiring. They did a lot. And they don’t know us. They don’t know our animals. They just love animals.” said Nate Jones, program manager of the Texas Zoo.

With the help of several zoos around the state, the Texas Zoo is getting much-needed reinforcements to try and rebuild the Texas Zoo.

“Zoos all over Texas have come and helped us, not only with animals bringing food for them and food for us and water for us, but they also sent their maintenance teams and general laborers to come and cut down trees and take out trees out of exhibits to help us get back in shape.”

As you can see in this new exclusive video, the zoo is still trying to recover from the devastating destruction caused by the floods. Several animals have had to move to other zoos after their home was under water for several days. While the zoo is still in recovery mode, there are still animals roaming around their habitats.

“So right now, we still have our bears, our bobcats, our eagles and vultures and a few other smaller animals that are on the easier side to manage. So, they don’t require a lot of refrigeration for the meat and things like that.”

Not only did the zoo itself take a big hit, but the offices were filled with so much mold and water damage that officials had to wear masks just to to walk in the building. The amount of debris and water damage was overwhelming to see, and even though there is a lot of work to be done, the employees are ready to get the zoo back and running.

“We care about the animals just like you would your family. So, seeing [the zoo] devastated like this. It was tough but I think everyone is under the same thought that we’re gonna take care of it. We’re gonna get it done. We’re gonna open it up bigger and better then we were before.

Now Jones says the team is still in recovery mode and its hard to say what the future holds for the zoo. There is no set date on when the zoo will be back up and running.