Texas Spine and Neurosurgery

A new way for spine surgery happeing in Texas

VICTORIA,Texas—Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Zielinski is the first in the United States to perform the surgery with reduced use of metals and other foreign objects in the body.

Dr. Zielinski, founded the Texas Spine and Neurosurgery 10 years ago starting in Waco, Texas. He now has an office in Victoria as well as other locations across Texas.

With this new technology Dr.. Zielinski is able to do the procedure by combining high devices and reducing the quantity of metal in the body.

“Knowing that we could actually provide a form of cure that patients want is very comforting,” said Zielinski.

The procedure has met with much success. Dr. Zielinski is able to remove the painful metal and replace it with the new technology. Patients who have got the new procedure have got results less blood loss and less trauma to their spine.

“A lot of people are hesitant about having spine surgery because they’re afraid of dealing with something that looks like this, and if you could come to my office now we have the opportunity to do something more along these lines,” continued Zielinski.

Dr. Zieleinski’s office is the only practice in texas right now to perform this procedure.

With less metal and more comfort, this could be the future for spine surgery.