Texas Sen. Kolkhorst shares vision for next legislative session

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst spoke to community leaders early Wednesday morning as part of the Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Kolkhorst shared her goals for the upcoming legislative session, including property tax concerns, the ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery process and raising teacher’s salaries, a particular point Kolkhorst is passionate about.

“We really need to be able to push more money into the school system, make sure it goes to the teachers, so that we can get their salaries up there so that we have young people that wanna go into the teaching profession. Other than the student on the campus, the most important people on that campus are what? The teachers.”

Kolkhorst adds the Texas legislature already have plans to funnel an additional one billion dollars towards Harvey affected school districts when the next legislative session starts. The state senator is also hoping to address other issues with school funding, including the Robin Hood plan which allocates property tax income generated from wealthy school districts and re-distributes the revenue to poor school districts. Kolkhorst says the plan unfairly applies unwanted property tax to residents of these wealthy school districts and says a new plan must be worked on to fairly distribute funding without putting the burden onto property owners.

Another talking point Sen. Kolkhorst addressed was the ongoing impact of Hurricane Harvey to the region. Kolkhorst addressed the concerns she heard from constituents about the need for additional funding, stating the Texas legislature will continue to aid Harvey stricken counties and will continue to apply for grants and FEMA assistance. Kolkhorst assured those in attendance that Victoria and it’s surrounding counties will continue to receive help for years to come.

Kolkhorst hopes to accomplish this and more when the new legislative session begins on January 8th, 2019.