Texas Schools New Mandatory Video Shows How to Interact to Law Enforcement

Back in October, Senate Bill 30, known as the Community Safety Act passed. In this new piece of legislature, Texas High Schools are to show an instructional video on how to react if ever encountering a police officer. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez spoke to districts in the Crossroads on how this is being implemented.

The ear-popping sound of sirens and the bright flashing lights can put anyone out of their element. However now, Texas law is pushing to teach high-school students exactly how to respond if lights are seen in their rear-view mirror.

“As a result of the last legislation. There was some video, training videos, that came out that more or less tells students how to interact with law enforcement.” states Edna-ISD Superintendent Robert O’Connor.

The 16 minute video highlights scenarios some teenagers may find themselves in, routine traffic stops being the most common. Each school district in the state will apply the lesson to their curriculum.

“It is up to each school district as to how they want to implement it into their curriculum, so which course they want to build it into.” says Shawna Currie, Victoria-ISD Communications Director.

In the crossroads, VISD is still planning this addition. the requirement is for the incoming freshman class and the district is considering adding this to their government course.

“Government class is still taken as a senior, by most students, and the requirement is starting with this year’s freshman class so its likely not something the VISD students will receive this year,” adds Currie.

However, Edna-ISD has already introduced the video for this school year.

“We went ahead and placed it into all of our history classes for this year , in the future we’ll hit incoming freshman with it which will be our world geography class.” stars O’Connor.

Both school districts agree that school is a place to learn for future life experiences like these.