Texas Private Schools Association applauds their student safety bills becoming law

The Texas Private Schools Association is proud to announce that the package of student safety bills they worked on during this past legislative session have become law as of Sept. 1st .

These new laws include a Do Not Hire list of teachers and administrators who have proven incidents of sexual misconduct with students. Both public and private schools will have access to this list to ensure that sexual predators are not hired in either public or private schools.

Public and private schools will report to this list if a teacher or administrator is fired or resigns for this misconduct and an investigation will be launched within the Texas Education Agency who is responsible for maintaining the list.

According to Executive Director Laura Colangelo , ” Parents send their children to school to learn, not to be preyed upon by adults who should not be in a classroom. The Do Not Hire list and related reporting requirements go a long way to make sure that all Texas schools are safer for students. ”

To learn more about the Texas Private Schools Association visit TexasPrivateSchools.org or contact Laura Colangelo at Laura@TexasPrivateSchools.org.

The information in this article was sent in a press release from the Texas Private Schools Association.