Texas Parks and Wildlife to gather public input on Oyster Reef Closures in Port Lavaca

The meeting will discuss the recent proposed regulation change on oyster reef closures


PORT LAVACA, Texas –  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is seeking public input on prohibiting the harvest of oysters in three local bays in a public meeting tonight in Port Lavaca at 6 p.m. at the Bauer Exhibit Building.

This meeting is about a recent proposed regulation change on Oyster Reef closures.

The public is encouraged to provide comments on this new change whether they’re for or against the harvest of oysters in Carlos Bay, Mesquite Bay and Ayres Bay which is located just south of Port Lavaca and San Jose Island (map provided below).

By closing the bays to oyster harvest, the ecologically and unique oyster habitat would be protected. These regulation changes are part of a statewide change process.

After this series of public meetings, proposals will be considered for adoption later this month.

Public comment is open until March 23. Individuals can comment online, by phone (The Coastal Fisheries Division at 512-389-8575) or by email cfish@tpwd.texas.gov