Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick releases statement

Results will not be reported in Harris County tonight

HOUSTON TX – Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor and conservative Republican candidate, released the following statement on Tuesday:

“As the polls close across much of Texas, Harris County, the state’s largest and the nation’s third-largest county, responsible for over 10% of the statewide GOP primary turnout announced they have train-wrecked the counting of votes during today’s election. Lina Hidalgo and the Democrats are responsible for this botched job.

“The Democrats in Harris County made up their own rules last election. This election is proving to be a disaster. The issues at the polls today strike at the heart of exactly why we passed Senate Bill 1, the Election Integrity Bill, and why the Texas Senate will continue to pass even stronger election security reforms that improve the integrity of our elections.

“Lina Hidalgo must answer for this debacle of her own creation and must be held accountable.”

You can find ,ore information about Dan Patrick at www.DanPatrick.org.