Texas introduces 24 new laws effective New Year’s Day

On Wednesday, New Year's Day, two dozen new laws go into effect in Texas. We take a look at a few and what this means for you...

Texas brings two dozen new laws to the forefront New Year’s Day. We’ve highlighted 3 that might make a difference as you bring in 2020.

Ringing in the new year means more than just fireworks– Texas government will agree on that as new laws become effective out of the 86th legislative session.

First up, Texas homeowners rejoice! Senate Bill 2060 now requires appraisal districts to describe and list all tax exemptions homeowners will be eligible for. A step to reduce property tax debt.

Medical debt, is no stranger to Texas residents. Senate Bill 1264, now passed, is granting protection to patients from receiving surprise bills. This is specific to situations where there’s not a choice in a provider such as a visit to the ER.

The last law we took a look at is House Bill 918. This, providing a little bit of help for newly released inmates. Under this law, inmates will be released with documents that are essential to getting a job. These would display any certificates showing job skill courses and training they have completed.

The next legislative session is expected for January 2021.

For these bills and more information, visit https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/BillNumber.aspx