Texas General Land Office celebrates 4,000+ Homeowner Assistance Programs homes

On Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 12:00 p.m. the Texas General Land Office (GLO) team will celebrate with a key hand-off in Port Lavaca

AUSTIN, Texas – On Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 12:00 p.m., the Texas General Land Office (GLO) team celebrated completing more than 4,000 homes that were rebuilt through the Homeowner Assistance Program. This is an important milestone in a program that is anticipated to rebuild more than 6,000 homes using $1.34 billion dollar infrastructure funds, which are available through Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery. There’s an additional $500 million in Community Development Block Grants for Mitigation and other funds available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

GLO completed 4,119 homes

Disaster Relief Communications Director Britanny Eck was happy and excited to see homeowners and families return to their location in Port Lavaca.
“This has been a tremendous effort. We have had damage in 49 counties across the state of Texas. So, helping to rebuild homes, apartments, those types of things across that large of an area has been quite an undertaking. The homeowner assistance program has been able to help more than 4,000 families return home. In safe, beautiful, and comfortable homes. So we’re very excited to be at this point, we’re so excited to be in Port Lavaca, where we have been many times. Both kicking off this program and others to let people know that assistance is available and to now have the finished product,” she said.

About 875 homes are currently under construction

“We’re just excited to be a part of this community. It has been a long road for all of us and it’s a lot of work to get these funds down from Washington D.C. and then turn them into assistance for those in need. We have more than 4,000 homes that we have fully rebuilt and we have another 800 or so that are currently under construction. So, we are going to be there until all the money runs out,” she said. “We’re just excited to do this for everyone.”
The General Land Office is also helping renters in the Hurricane Harvey impacted counties by administering $588 million to rehabilitate and reconstruct 80 affordable multifamily developments, or 6,000 units, damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey in 48 eligible counties.

The celebration event will be at the Nilsen Family Home in Port Lavaca

While it has been a long road for the General Land Office because it’s a lot of work to get the funds to those who need it. Currently, there are over 800 other homes still under construction. For the past three years the GLO has made a tremendous effort and they are excited to become a part of the Port Lavaca community. Furthermore the general homeowners assistance program felt glad to help families return home, since their ultimate goal is to rebuild over 6,000 homes.