Texas GLO holds intake sessions to assist Harvey affected homeowners

The Texas General Land Office is continuing their efforts to assist Harvey affected residents through their intake consultation sessions.

The intake sessions allow residents to receive expert help to apply for assistance through the GLO’s Homowner Assistance and Reimbursement program.

The Homeowner Assistance Program helps applicants receive funding to repair their Harvey damaged homes while the reimbursement program will reimburse any resident who has already made repairs to their home.

“We want to encourage everyone to come out,” says Outreach Coordinator Shannon Longoria. “If you have any questions, our goal is to get everyone to a yes. So, we want to make sure that, if you are still suffering from Harvey or you need help in any way, that we can do our part to get you all the help that you need.”

The Texas GLO will hold their next intake session tomorrow, March 14th, inside the Goliad County Courthouse.

The session will run from 8 AM to 5 PM for all Harvey affected homeowners.

You can learn more about the Homeowners Reimbursement Program here.

You can also learn about the Homeowners Assistance Program by visiting this link.