Texas farmers and ranchers express their hardships during the border crisis

Texas Farm Bureau has created a webpage for people to share their experiences

WACO, Texas – Recently, new videos and personal accounts from farmers and ranchers, effected by the southern border crisis, describe an overwhelming and possibly dangerous situation.

Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) has created a webpage to bring public attention to the crisis’ impacts on farm and ranch families.

According to the state’s largest general farm and ranch organization, the crisis endangers personal safety, causes financial hardship and disruption and stresses local resources. Texas farmers and ranchers utilize the webpage to tell their stories through their accounts and videos. As more personal accounts arrive, the webpage updates.

“The impacts of the border crisis are many,” TFB President Russell Boening said. “The current situation is untenable. Farm and ranch families are bearing the brunt of this unprecedented influx. The personal accounts on the webpage are real. In fact, some identities are protected due to safety concerns for those sharing their story. That’s how serious it is right now.”

A South Texas rancher talked about his childhood, growing up on the family ranch near the border and how he was used to three or four undocumented people crossing the ranch each month. Now, he expresses the situation has changed.

“The situation has changed 100 percent. We have immigrants coming through the ranch not three or four a month like in the past.” he said. “Just yesterday, we had 30 immigrants come through the ranch. The day before that, 40 immigrants came through the ranch. I think we had a total last week of about 140.”

TFB feels the U.S. should work towards finding a solution to the border crisis, as soon as possible.