Texas Emergency Tracking Network

The emergency tracking system- or E-T-N is a partnership between city, county and state governments to track evacuees that cannot get to a designated shelter on their own. Rick McBrayer, emergency manager for the city and county of Victoria says the goal is to greatly reduce the chances of someone getting lost or misplaced during an emergency.

This system will give shelter staff the ability to coordinate people and pets across several locations in real time. “They can actually scan your drivers license, they can also log in information, as you tell it to them, and what they will do is produce a wristband. The wristband will be issued to you, its got a bar code on it, and we can see where folks are at,” said McBrayer.

McBrayer recommends those that need assistance to evacuate register with Texas 211. the Texas 211 system is a database that will keep your information and if you need assistance to evacuate just call 2-1-1 .

All those that need assistance from the state in order to evacuate they will be in the E-T-N system regardless if they are registered with the Texas 211 or not.