Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program has ended

The Texas Department of Safety wants to remind residents that the Driver Responsibility Program was repealed under HB 2048 and ended on September 1st, 2019.

The Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) was started in 2003 to establish a surcharge based on a driver’s traffic offenses. Surcharges were assessed on an individual’s driving record by points or convictions. When DRP was repealed, all existing DRP surcharge assessments and suspensions were waived, and no additional surcharges or suspensions related to DRP will be assessed after its repeal.

Drivers with non-DRP suspensions, fines, or fees, are still responsible to pay them, and can check their driving privilege or pay reinstatement fees by visiting texas.gov and searching “Driver License Eligibility” in the search bar.

If there are additional questions regarding the DRP, email DRPRepeal@dps.texas.gov with your full name, date of birth, driver license or identification card number, and phone number.