Texas Camel Corps visits Calhoun County ISD

Calhoun County ISD students saw history come to life Wednesday during a presentation about the Texas Camel Corps.

Texas Camel Corps was established in 1997 to educate the public about the historic use of camels in America in the 19th century, according to their website. The Camel Corps travels around with Owner Doug Baum doing camel treks, historic reenactments, as well as programs at schools, libraries, museums and historical sites.

Baum along with two camels from the Texas Camel Corps visited 7th graders of Calhoun County ISD to educate the students about the unique role camels played in settling Western America.

Baum stumbled across this little-known piece of history while as a zookeeper doing research on the animals in his care. These animals of burden have served man for more than 4,000 years, but Baum realized there was a lack of awareness of camels and desert ecology, as well as the historic US Army Camel Experiment of the 19th century. So, he found a way to educate people in a memorable way.