Texas A&M Forest Services warns of the dangers of burning

The Texas A&M forest service is looking to spread awareness about the dangers of burning during a burn ban. According to the forest service, ninety percent of all wildfires are caused by humans and are avoidable. Residents should avoid fire creating activities such as welding, driving on dry grass or dragging trailer chains. Most importantly, the service is asking residents to mind the burn bans in their area.

“So, definitely for the public to mind the burn bans and if you see smoke, definitely notify local authorities so we can jump on it right away,” explained Roel Esparza, Regional Fire Coordinator for the Texas A&M Forest Service. “The biggest thing I can get across to the public is just support your local volunteer fire departments”

Some more tips include:

Prune trees so that the lowest branch is 6 to 10 feet high Rake and dispose of pine straw, leaves, branches and other debris within 30 feet of your home Avoid welding during Red Flag conditions or on windy days Do not leave campfires unattended Remember, exploding targets and tracer ammunition are illegal during fire season Do not shoot with steel core ammo If you see a wildfire or unsafe activity, call 911

Victoria County is currently under a burn ban. Fire Marshal Richard Castillo says any persons found illegally burning could face stiff fines and penalties. He adds if you burn waste and the fire spreads to a neighbors property, you could be liable for the damage caused.