Texans win big with new mobile lottery game app

A mobile gaming company is disrupting the Texas lottery through its free-to-play, ad-supported mobile scratch-off app that awards winners real prizes and is rolling out a brand new Texas-themed scratcher this week.

Consider this: More than 57% of Texans consider themselves lucky in a recent national poll. And 38% of Texans think luck plays a major part in individual success.

Fort Mason Games — the female-led mobile gaming company — is capitalizing on Texas luck with its latest mobile game offering Lucky Scratch that is rolling out a new in-app Texas-themed scratch-off card.

Lucky Scratch combines the excitement of a lottery scratcher with the convenience of a mobile game, all while offering a risk-free, zero-cost way to win real cash and prizes.

Texas love their scratch-offs

Texans spent more than $4.4 billion on lotto scratch cards in 2018. They are so popular that they make up more than 78% of all lottery sales across the Lone Star State. And now, Texans can play digital scratchers for free!

Scratch-off lag behind the digital revolution

They may be beloved among Texans, but they sure are antiquated. By and large, the digital revolution has missed lotto scratch cards since they are still made from cardboard and scratch-able ink, a poor choice for preserving the environment. Lucky Scratch is bringing the lottery into the 21st century in a green, and risk-free way for players.

It’s a risk-free way to win right in your pocket

Lucky Scratch is completely free to play, making it a perfect way to experience the excitement of playing a lottery scratch-off without the investment. But, make no mistake, the cash and gift card prizes are very real.