Temporary changes to the City’s water disinfection process begins June 1

Some changes in taste and odor are possible

VICTORIA, Texas — The City of Victoria will make temporary changes to its water disinfection process beginning Tuesday, June 1.

The City will disinfect its water using chlorine rather than chloramines. This change will occur for approximately one month.

There are no health risk with consuming the water. However, dialysis patients may need to change their pretreatment schemes for their dialysis machines.

If you are conditioning water for fish or aquariums, a change in your pretreatment processes may need to be made as well.

This temporary change will improve water quality. Residents likely will not notice any difference, although some changes in taste and odor are possible.

For more information, contact Public Works at 361-485-3380 or contact the Surface Water Treatment Plant at 361-485-3416.