Temporary changes to dress code for high school students in V.I.S.D.

Spring semester 2019 dress code changes

High School students in the Victoria I.S.D. will see temporary changes to the dress code this Spring. High School students will see modifications to dress and grooming guidelines regarding facial hair, accessories, and shoes.

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Victoria ISD Announces Changes to High School Student Dress Code

Victoria ISD has temporarily eliminated three provisions of the students dress code for high school students during the spring 2019 semester.

As part of his Listening & Learning tour, Victoria ISD Superintendent, Dr. Quintin Shepherd, conducted an online exchange of thoughts and ideas with high school students. One topic discussed in the exchange was attendance. And, a thought shared by many of the students was to revisit some of the district’s dress code provisions. High school administrators have been meeting and discussing how the district can be accommodating and responsive regarding some of those provisions, allowing students to embrace responsibility in all areas, including responsibility for dress, and their daily attendance.

For this spring semester only we will be temporarily suspending three provisions within the Student Handbook as it relates to student dress. At the conclusion of the school year, administrators will evaluate whether to extend the changes into future years based on two key questions:

*Are students able to demonstrate personal responsibility as it relates to appropriate school dress in a public school building?

* Did we meet our attendance goals?

The three provisions in the handbook to be suspended spring 2019 are:

Hair/Facial Hair: “Male facial hair is not allowed and sideburns may not be below the ear lobe.”

Provisions still enforced: “Mohawks are not allowed. Hair must be of natural color.”
Students will still be required to comport with athletic requirements regarding hair length and maintenance.

Accessories: “No viewable body piercing of any kind (other than earrings in girls’ ears). Implanted piercings must be covered. Female students may wear no more than two earrings per ear. Earrings may not be worn by male students nor be covered with bandages. Nothing is allowed in or on boys’ ears, including but not limited to: posts, strings, wire, band aids, or staples. Earrings worn anywhere except the ears are prohibited for all students.”

Provisions still enforced: “Accessories (such as distracting jewelry, wallet/pocket chains, spiked or studded rings and collars, mouth grills, etc.) which can be used as weapons or be deemed dangerous or inappropriate are not allowed. Gauges are not allowed.”
Students will be required to comport with athletic requirements regarding jewelry.

Shoes: “All shoes (including sandals) must have a back strap or closed heel.”

Provisions still enforced: “Flip-flops and house shoes are not allowed.”

Regarding the above three items, campus administration and staff are expected to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment. Should there be a clear or substantial disruption to the learning environment, staff will take any and all necessary and appropriate action to restore order.

Source: https://www.visd.net/apps/news/article/971142