Teens are learning new skills for their future

The teen Robotics Club has sparked the interest of many young adults in the Crossroads, and they have come together to learn how to program robots.

“They build a robot they program the robot depending on what time of year it is they may be accomplishing different tasks,” Katherine Henley, Training Service Manager.

During the summer the robotic club meets once a week at the Victoria Public Library. The program has helped middle and high school students learn new skills.

Katherine Henley the organizer of the club felt like this program was important to help prepare the young adults for their future.

“Well, again robotics helps our youth learn those sciences, technology, engineering, and math skills that are going to be so important to the citizens of the future,” said Henley.

The skills learned during this program will help the young adults collaborate work as a team and analyze problems.

We spoke with one of the members in the group to see why he decided to join.

“It’s an opportunity for personal entertainment as well as expiration for future job options such as engineering, program, building, designing but it also builds teamwork,” said Jack Letsinger,
Robotic Club Member.

Throughout the school year, the robotic club meets once a month to prepare for a huge robotics competition.

It consists of four individuals on the competition floor building the robot but everyone else can help.

“There are area and regional competitions for these EV3 minds storm kits that we do. Our first year we made it third in area and 20th in the state out of 1400 teams in the state of Texas,” said Letsinger.

More than 10 young adults attended the free event and if you’re interested in enrolling your child go online to the victoria public library to register.