Ted Cruz speaks to Victorians at a rally

The Victoria Republican party held a rally with guest speaker Senator Ted Cruz. At the rally Ted Cruz spoke about things that are changing to in Washington. Cruz says this is lowest unemployment rate we have seen in years and the lowest youth unemployment rate in 52 years. Cruz also states that Texas economy is booming and now is the time to be here. He mentioned that in Washington senators have fought to cut taxes. He touched on things that need to be fixed, like repealing Obamacare, fighting to secure the border. Cruz declares he is going to keep fighting hard for the people in Texas. “Y’all trusted me, y’all sent me to be in the arena to represent 28 million Texans. So my focus is on delivering on our promises, we had an election, we won nationally, we have an opportunity to deliver on our promises and i’m going to keep with every ounce of strength in my body leading the fight for us to deliver on our promises.,” declares Ted Cruz. Cruz says in November republicans need to come together and elect the officials that are going to uphold the constitution. The Victoria GOP is in need of volunteers for this upcoming election in November.