Teachers Help Create More Opportunities for Students at Inivista Wetlands

INVISTA Wetlands has given tens of thousands of students a chance to experience science in a unique way. For 18 years, only one VISD teacher has led the way. Now, more teachers are planning to step in and help reach more students in the community The number of Victoria I.S.D. students visiting the wetlands can average around 4000 students a year. For the past 18 years, only one instructor was trained to teach students environmental science activities, limiting the capacity of students who could attend. In order to reach more children in the district, eight teachers from V.I.S.D decided to take part in a workshop to learn activities to show students during the school year. For VISD intern teacher Abby Harryman, what’s matter’s most is inspiring students to learn and to be a part of bettering their future.
“I think we need to get more kids out here, more teachers, students, everything. And I think it’s important to get more teachers out here to get trained to do this so we could lead groups,” Harryman says.
By the end of the 3 day workshop. these teachers will be trained to teach more students hands on environmental science activities at INVISTA wetlands.