Tax Deadline Approaching; file with a professional

With less than one week left to file your taxes Newscenter 25’s Amber Joseph spoke with a tax professional about the dos and dont’s of filing. The best way to file your taxes is to go to a professional tax firm to file taxes by the deadline, Tuesday, April 18th. You can file an extension if you need more time to file your taxes.
“With the extension it takes about five minutes to file the paperwork and what it does it gives the taxpayer up till October 15th to get their paperwork in to the IRS,” Liberty Tax Preparer, Nicole Wallace said. This will help you avoid paying late fees or higher interest. The best way to file is through e-filling. The reason being you can get acknowledgments from the IRS in 48 hours whereas if you were to file by mail chances are it can get lost in the mail,” Wallace said. Wallace says the best way to avoid tax fraud is to not take calls from the IRS. “You here a lot now in the news that the IRS is calling you asking you for personal information. The IRS will not do that. The way the IRS will contact you is through mail correspondence,” she said.