Tased Victim Settles Lawsuit With Victoria County

Victoria county commissioners approved a settlement Monday morning ending a lawsuit.
That lawsuit had been filed by a driver who accused a former Victoria County Sheriff’s Deputy of excessive force.

The county agreed to pay that driver a total of 100,000 dollars to settle a lawsuit against the County and the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office.

Former deputy Daniel Bettes was fired in November of 2014.
He was facing trial on three charges related to a traffic stop which happened on October 10, 2014.
It was during that stop, Bettes was accused of excessive use of force and assault.
The driver, Guadalupe Perez accused Bettes of unjustly assaulting him with a taser.
Guadalupe Perez’s attorney, Bobby Garcia, plans to try a case against Bettes.

“I am very happy with what we resolved with Victoria County and the Sheriff’s Office. There are many great people who work for the county and the Sheriff’s Office. We will try a case against Bettes soon,” Attorney Garcia said.