Take the Brown Bag Challenge

September is the time to take action and learn more about hunger and food insecurity in our area.

“Robin Cadle the President of the Food Bank Golden Crescent said, Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is not a good feeling especially for our seniors and our children,”.

Cadle goes on to mention that, September is National Hunger Action Month and Feeding America started this campaign several years back. However, here in the crossroads area, we have thousands of people who face hunger.

“We have over 40,000 thousand in the 11 counties that we serve. Which we call the Golden Crescent area, so we’re feeding about 30,000 thousand of that, but we’re not hitting everybody.

Hunger affects people from all walks of life. Most people are one crisis away from being without food. Here’s how the crossroads community can do their part to help those in need.

“I have a brown bag challenge for everyone and were asking people to take the challenge. The money you would normally spend on lunch for a day put it in the brown bag all through the month of September. Then donate the money you saved to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent. Remember every dollar you donate to us helps us provide 8 meals,” said Cadle.

Cadle hopes people will take something special from participating in this campaign.

“I hope people take away the thoughts that I can help, every dollar helps, every little action helps. Everyone who donates become hunger action hero’s in my eyes,” said Cadle.

Cadle goes on to mention that if you participate in the brown bag challenge you are doing your part to help fight hunger.