Take caution at major intersections in Victoria

Almost every traffic signal in Victoria is damaged. Some are flashing red, some are completely dark and others showing red and green lights simultaneously. Approach any intersection with traffic lights as a four-way stop! Yield to all drivers that stop before you and if you stop at the same time, yield to the person on the right. First to stop, first to go. Treat a “T” intersection as a three-way stop with the same rules. If you have any doubt which driver should go first, remain stopped!

If unsure about what to do, err on the side of caution, slow or stop and continue on your way when safe to do so. Understand that although you may have the right of way, you are still placing your life in the hands of the person approaching you. If they are not paying attention or don’t know what to do, having the right of way won’t prevent a crash. Stay safe, slow down a bit and take a little extra precaution when out and about. City crews are out in force to return our city back to normal.