vote 2020

Crossroads Countdown: Victoria's Election Participation

Here's a look at current early voting numbers in Victoria and past voting turn-outs.

VICTORIA, Texas - Victoria's political involvement throughout the years has been immense. Taking a look at our city's statistics, we can see that presidential elections and policy are important for community…

Presidential Debates: A Historical Overview

Here's a look at debates throughout American History and a snippet of Trump and Biden's final debate.

On Thursday, Oct. 22, the final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden showed more of their personal reasons to run for office. They also expressed more of their campaign promises…

Affordable Taxi offers free rides to voters

If you still haven't voted, Affordable Taxi can give you a free ride.

VICTORIA, Texas - Affordable Taxi is offering free rides for early voting and on election day. They are offering this service until October 30th and on November 3rd. This…