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Happy Valentine's Day

Hearts from your Newscenter25 team

CNN- It's February 14, 2021. Happy Valentine's Day. This day is celebrated by millions across the globe. Hundreds of years of tradition and customs have made it into what it is today. There are numerous theories on how the romantic…

Last-minute Valentine's Day savings tips

Valentine's Day is upon us and if you either completely forgot or haven't gotten your sweetheart a gift yet, there's still time to get something great that won't break the bank.

Every year, these Washington men give roses to widows, military wives

Eight years ago, Seth Stewart, 28, and one of his three brothers decided to pass out two dozen roses to their single friends for Valentine's Day. The community got wind of their generosity, and the next year they began receiving requests, turning a small idea into an annual tradition.

25 of the world's most romantic hotels

For some, a romantic getaway means five-star luxury and poolside pampering. For others, it's all about glorious solitude and stunning scenery. And then there are the action-and-adventure lovebirds who prefer excitement and high-adrenaline sports over rest and relaxation.

On this day: February 14

Saint Valentine dies a martyr, President Polk has his picture snapped, Jackie Kennedy invites TV viewers inside the White House, and tragedy strikes in Parkland, all on this day.

Hollywood romance: Our fave celeb couples

Nothing celebrities do turns quite as many heads as who they are dating, especially when their beau is another celebrity. Check out some of our favorite celebrity couples.

Celebrity odd couples

We all love our celebrities, especially when they pair up. But sometimes their tastes when it comes to matters of the heart can leave us scratching our heads.