Number of NFL players in vaccination process up to 80%

The league has said that determining who makes the roster can’t involve whether a player is vaccinated

AP-- The number of NFL players in the COVID-19 vaccination process has reached 80%, with nine teams having 90% or more of their players in that category. Dr. Allen Sills, the league’s medical director, said Friday that nearly all Tier…

'I think we can confidently say the worst is behind us'

U.S. has more than 100 million people vaccinated against Covid-19, according to CDC

Originally Published: 01 MAY 21 02:02 ET Updated: 01 MAY 21 18:15 ET By Madeline Holcombe and Dakin Andone, CNN (CNN) -- The United States has fully vaccinated more than 100 million people against Covid-19, according to the US Centers…

A coronavirus vaccine by Election Day? Probably not. Here's why

Doctors who are running the clinical trials would know best, and they don't think so

Originally Published: 03 SEP 20 21:48 ET Updated: 04 SEP 20 12:23 ET By Maggie Fox, CNN (CNN) -- The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking states to get ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by as…

Judge rules against unvaccinated Ky. teen

A Kentucky judge rejected the claims made by a teenager who sued his local health department for temporarily barring students at his school who aren't immune against chickenpox from attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities.

Study looks at anti-vaxers and Facebook

In the ongoing -- and sometimes vicious -- vaccination debates online, pediatricians who are vocal vaccine advocates have become frequent targets of anti-vaxers.