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Here is a look at where state abortion bans stand amid legal challenges

In several states, legal fights remain underway over abortion bans, other laws

Originally Published: 06 JUL 22 22:06 ET Updated: 21 JUL 22 13:13 ET By Veronica Stracqualursi and Tierney Sneed, CNN (CNN) -- In more than a dozen states, legal fights are underway over abortion bans and other laws that greatly…

White House considers wider list of Supreme Court nominees

Here are the details

Originally Published: 29 JAN 22 12:52 ET By Ariane de Vogue, CNN Supreme Court Reporter (CNN) -- The White House says it's considering a wider list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court than has been reported thus far, according…

ICE reopening cases against Dreamers

The letter this fall from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement turned Zoila Pelayo's life on end. Stunned, she read that the agency was filing to reopen a deportation case against her that had been closed nearly eight years ago.

Supreme Court dodges Obamacare showdown, likely through 2020

After a long-awaited ruling from a US appeals court on the fate of the Affordable Care Act, this much is clear: the wait will only be longer, and uncertainty over the future of the law that provided new coverage for millions of Americans will only linger.

Trump asks Supreme Court to block more subpoenas for financial docs

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday put a temporary hold on House subpoenas requesting President Donald Trump's financial documents from two banks. In a brief order, Ginsburg said a lower court opinion that allowed the subpoenas to proceed would go on hold until December 13.

Takeaways from busy day in courts on impeachment inquiry

Two major court actions in Washington, DC, Monday evening added fuel to the fire for the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry and the ongoing fight over the White House's attempt to shield President Donald Trump's advisers and financial documents from going public.

Supreme Court won't throw out climate scientist's defamation suit

The Supreme Court decided Monday not to intervene in a defamation suit brought by prominent climate scientist Michael Mann against National Review, a conservative magazine he sued in 2012 after it criticized him, accusing him of "misconduct" and data "manipulation."