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Governor Abbott sues federal government to protect Texas National Guard

The Governor is attempting to protect the National Guard from a vaccine mandate

AUSTIN, Texas - On Tuesday, Jan. 4, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter announcing his intention to sue the federal government over its vaccine mandate for the Texas National Guard. In the Governor's letter, he reminds everyone in his chain…

Congress passes defense bill that would give US a space force

Congress has passed an annual defense authorization bill following a vote in the Senate on Tuesday that includes a provision that creates a new space force branch of the armed services and provides all federal workers with 12 weeks of paid parental leave for the first time in American history.

What we know about US military's program to train foreign troops

Pentagon programs to train foreign nationals are coming under new scrutiny after the man suspected of opening fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida Friday, killing at least three people and injuring several others, was identified as a member of the Saudi Arabian military.