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Governor Abbott announces National Semiconductor Centers Texas Task Force

The Texas Task Force will unite semiconductor industry stakeholders

AUSTIN, Texas - On Friday, Oct. 22, Governor Greg Abbott announced the formation of the National Semiconductor Centers Texas Task Force. It will coordinate the development of a proposal to the U.S. Department of Commerce with the intention of making…

Swimming with Hawaii's charismatic spinner dolphins stirs controversy

On the west coast of Hawaii Island, the sun rises over tall volcanoes and glints off the vast blue Pacific in Honokohau Harbor near Kailua-Kona. Tourists climb aboard waiting boats in the bright morning light, giddy at the prospect of swimming beside the island's famous spinner dolphins.

Tornadoes rip through Dallas, northern Texas

Authorities went door to door in parts of northern Dallas Monday after a powerful weekend tornado knocked out power and caused severe damage. A line of storms continued on to lash parts of the Great Plains, killing two people.

Tropical storm Humberto gets closer

Tropical Storm Humberto was dropping rain on the Bahamas' Abaco Islands as it began to crawl away Saturday evening, bringing the kind of stormy conditions the islands don't need after Hurricane Dorian ravaged them nearly two weeks ago.