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Flight attendant fired, allegedly drunk

A flight attendant was arrested after passengers aboard a flight from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana, expressed concern about her condition during the flight, court documents show.

United Airlines flight skids off runway in Newark

A United Airlines flight blew out some its tires and skidded on a runway Saturday at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, leading to delays while the plane was towed away, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

United Airlines agent charged after racial slur

A United Airlines airport agent is accused of using a racial slur against a customer and faces a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. The charge against Carmella Davano was filed in municipal court in Houston last month after a Feb.…

Tips for traveling safely with pets

Some experts say flying with your pets should be a last resort. But if you do decide to travel with your furry friend, be sure to do your research and be overly cautious.