Biden administration may compel commercial US airlines

To help transport Afghan evacuees

Originally Published: 21 AUG 21 20:17 ET Updated: 21 AUG 21 20:20 ET By John Harwood, Kaitlan Collins and Kevin Liptak, CNN (CNN) -- The Biden administration could potentially compel US airlines to help with transporting tens of thousands of…

Governor Abbott issues executive order due to Covid-19

Restricting transportation of migrants

AUSTIN, Texas - On Wednesday, July 28, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order restricting ground transportation of migrants who pose a risk of carrying Covid-19 into Texas communities. Through the executive order,…

Uber, Lyft may look the same, but their visions are not

At first blush, it can be hard to tell Uber and Lyft's businesses apart. Both companies offer rides on demand, from a mix of cars, bikes and scooters. They rely on a vast workforce of independent contractors, many of whom drive for both companies. Uber and Lyft even share certain large investors, and now they are going public back to back.

What it's like to ride in Elon Musk's first tunnel

Our Tesla Model X pulled into a small parking lot behind an old kitchen cabinet store and came to a stop on a metal lift. Moments later, Elon Musk's vision for how to beat traffic congestion began to take shape.