At least 50 likely dead in Kentucky alone, after tornadoes hit

Storms brought in devastating tornadoes late Friday and early Saturday

Originally Published: 11 DEC 21 03:20 ET Updated: 11 DEC 21 08:59 ET By Jason Hanna, Travis Caldwell and Andy Rose, CNN (CNN) -- Storms unleashed devastating tornadoes late Friday and early Saturday across parts of the central and southern…

Tornado rips through Louisiana college town

Strong storms killed at least five people in Texas and Louisiana and left severe damage across parts of both states Wednesday and Thursday -- including at Louisiana Tech University and its host city of Ruston, where the mayor says a tornado struck overnight.

Alabama turns its attention to recovery efforts, funerals

All of the people initially reported as missing after a string of deadly tornadoes tore through Alabama have now been accounted for, Lee Smith, the spokeswoman for the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, confirmed to CNN Wednesday.