tornadoes (weather)

Tornadoes rip through Dallas, northern Texas

Authorities went door to door in parts of northern Dallas Monday after a powerful weekend tornado knocked out power and caused severe damage. A line of storms continued on to lash parts of the Great Plains, killing two people.

California city hit by tornado, hail

Weird weather struck Davis, California, over the weekend. The area experienced a tornado touchdown, pounding hail and record low morning temperatures.

Why tornadoes among a hurricane's potent threats

Hurricane Dorian wasn't the only vortex that the southeastern U.S. had to worry about Thursday. The cyclone spawned tornadoes in parts of the Carolinas -- typical of hurricanes that get enough of their circulation over land.

South Dakota town cleaning up after destructive storm

Mike Karbo's neighbor woke him up about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, asking for his help rescuing two people from a collapsed garage. But Karbo, information director for the town of Burke, South Dakota, said that was only the beginning of the damage from a tornado that rolled in overnight.