The life of Emmy Saenz: Part II

Victoria woman beating the odds as quadriplegic

 VICTORIA, Texas- On a cool and crisp winter morning, while Emmy Saenz was still fast asleep, her mother, Rosemary Bazan, invited me into their home to be a fly on the wall for a day. A few months after…

#EmmyStrong: The Road to Recovery Part I

Part I of Emmy Saenz's Road to Recovery

VICTORIA, Texas - Emmy Saenz was on her way to work when a vehicle seemingly coming out of nowhere and struck and hit the car she was driving.…

How to tell your boss you need time off for therapy

Anna Swenson has been in therapy for seven years to help her manage her depression and anxiety. But until taking her most recent job six months ago, she'd never discussed it at work. When she had her weekly appointment, she'd sneak out of the office. She worried that in her previous workplaces, people would resent her for taking the time out from a hectic workday. Some, she worried, may even see the appointment as a value judgment on her skills or her sanity.