texas military department

Governor Abbott to swear-in TMD Deputy Adjutant General Monie Ulis

The ceremony will take place in Mission, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas – On Sunday, Oct. 24, Governor Greg Abbott will hold a swearing-in ceremony for Texas Military Department (TMD) Deputy Adjutant General Monie Ulis in Mission, Texas. TMD Adjutant General Tracy Norris will also be present at the ceremony.…

Governor Abbott held press conference in Del Rio

Governor Abbott: Texas will continue surging state resources to secure the broder

AUSTIN, Texas – On Tuesday, Sept. 21, Governor Abbott held a press conference in Del Rio. During the conference, the Governor vowed to continue growing state resources to…

Governor Abbott deploys additional emergency response resources

In response to Hurricane Ida and Louisiana's recovery efforts

AUSTIN, Texas – On Wednesday, Sept. 1, Governor Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Military Department (TMD) and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) have sent out additional…