Thursday's Question of the Day

Take a guess

Here's the Question of the Day:It's fill in the blank!Bootfest is Victoria's _____ Free Festival!Happy Guessing and good luck!

Birthday wishes March 14, 2019

Happy Birthday to Valerie, Anthony, AnayaGrace, Mr. Hill, Ayla. If today is your big day, you share it with Simone Biles and Quincy Jones. Every week one Birthday boy or girl will win a $10 gift card to Las Palmas. Submit your wish here. 

Birthday wishes March 11, 2019

Happy Birthday Joshua, Juanita, and LaToya!Our winner this week is Jeremy! He get a gift card to Las Palmas. Submit your Birthday wish here. 

Birthday wishes February 26, 2019

Happy Birthday to Kaelyn, Clemon, Angelica, Colt, Eight Ball, Lenna, James, JoJo, and Gemayel. If today is your cupcake day, you share it with Michael Bolton. Send us your Birthday wish here. 

Birthday wishes February 21, 2019

Happy Birthday to Justice, Kathy, Freddie, Uncle Sweet and Briana. It's also Sunrise Anchor Haley Closson's Birthday!Have a good one!Submit your Birthday here. 

Community Crossroads welcomes the Girl Scout Cookie Princess

Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller

Eat 'em, freeze 'em, it's Girl Scout Cookie Season. On Community Crossroads this weekend you'll meet Emily Mayer Bain, the Cookie Princess of 2018. Emily sold 2103 boxes of Girl Scout cookies last year. Her goal this year is 800 boxes. We'll also do a taste test to weed out any fake girl scout cookies on the market. 

Drug bust in Halletsville

Halletsville Drug Bust

Halletsville Police say they found over 20 lbs. of marijuana, THC liquid cartridges, and a shot gun inside the vehicle.