single-payer health insurance

6 takeaways from town halls with Bullock, de Blasio

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio offered two markedly different views of the Democratic Party at CNN town halls on Sunday, providing a stark example of the political divide inside the party.

Kamala Harris unveils 'Medicare for All'

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris released a health care plan on Monday that would put the US on the path toward a government-backed health insurance system but stops short of completely eliminating private insurance.

Kamala Harris says Trump 'needs to go back where he came from'

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris in an interview with CNN on Tuesday responded to President Donald Trump's racist attack on four Democratic congresswomen of color by saying he "needs to go back where he came from and leave that office."

Elizabeth Warren doubles down on Medicare for All

The question of the future of private health insurance revealed the starkest divide on policy among the 10 Democratic presidential candidates onstage in Miami, as the first debate night of this 2020 primary began with an early bang.

Readers' guide to the first Democratic debate

Tonight, 10 challengers for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination will face off in the first debate of the season. After months of campaign coverage, the two-hour event will finally give voters a chance to watch Democratic candidates exchange views on a variety of issues, from health care and immigration to taxes and climate change. While they will likely spend a fair amount of time attacking the policies of President Donald Trump, the debate will also be an opportunity for candidates...

Democrats woo Iowa party activists as race kicks off

Nearly every Democrat vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020 made their pitch to Iowa's most plugged-in Democrats on Sunday, looking to set themselves apart from the sprawling field of candidates in the midst of a swirling carnival of activists and campaign volunteers.