'China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris'

NASA criticizes China's handling of rocket re-entry after debris lands near Maldives

Originally Published: 08 MAY 21 23:32 ET Updated: 09 MAY 21 08:29 ET By Jackie Wattles, CNN Business (CNN) -- NASA has lambasted China for its failure to "meet responsible standards" after debris from its out-of-control rocket likely plunged…

China's rocket out of control, expected to reenter Earth's atmosphere

Falling debris pose very little threat to human safety

Weighing in at nearly 20 tons with a standing height of 10-stories, the Chinese Long March 5B rocket is spiraling out of control and set to reenter Earth's atmosphere this weekend. The rocket's boosters and other remnants were supposed to…

SpaceX faces key test in upcoming launch of its biggest rocket

SpaceX wants to compete with its arch rival in the lucrative business of launching ultra-heavy satellites into space. That's why the second-ever launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket — and the first to carry a payload for a paying customer — will be a key milestone for SpaceX.